ESACT 2017

Lausanne, Switzerland | Booth #6 | May 14, 2017–May 17, 2017

Poster Presentations:

May 15 | 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Title: CHO Media Platform Facilitiates Integrated Cell Line Development and Media Optimization

Presented By: David T. Ho. Irvine Scientific

Shorten and streamline optimization of culture media during development with an accelerated approach integrating cell line development with media optimization by implementing a CHO media platform to maximize performance.


Title: Modulating Antibody Galactosylation Through Cell Culture Medium For Improved Function and Product Quality
Presented By: Jenny Bang, Irvine Scientific

We demonstrate the ability to modify galactosylation with media supplements, measure glycan profiles, and evaluate antibody effect or function, allowing for cohesive control of product quality to improve antibody drug efficacy.


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