CAR-TCR Summit Asia 2019

Shanghai, China | Jun 18, 2019–Jun 20, 2019

Visit us at CAR-TCR Summit Asia 2019 and discover how our expansive line of validated products, custom media services, and 45+ years of expertise can help you from discovery to clinical trials using stem cells and primary cells.

Let us show you how the expanding PRIME-XV portfolio of cGMP media aimed to support the large-scale expansion of clinical-grade cells—including chemically-defined media (CDM) for immune cells (T and DC), and xeno-free, serum-free (XSFM) for stem cells—can benefit your laboratory.


Date: Thursday, June 20, 2010
Time: 11:15 AM
Presented by: Robert Newman, Chief Scientific Officer

PRIME-XV Chemically-Defined Media for Immunotherapy Applications

  • As CAR-T based immunotherapies move from the research to a commercialization stage there is a need to establish a reproducible manufacturing process.
  • Cell culture media is a crucial part of the immunotherapy manufacturing process, where typically ex-vivo cultured cells are used as the therapeutic agent.
  • The use of chemically-defined media for cell culture helps meet the challenges currently faced in cell therapy area, namely the ability to generate a high number of clinical grade cells consistently.
  • FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific has developed chemically-defined media for ex-vivo expansion of the main cell types used in immunotherapy (T Cells, NK and dendritic cells), as part of the PRIME XV Cell Therapy product line.
  • This presentation will introduce the PRIME XV product line, in particular PRIME XV T Cell CDM, and discuss how it can help in the globalization of safe and well-characterized CAR-T therapies.

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Shanghai Marriott Hotel Pudong East