Biotech Week Boston 2019

Boston, Massachusetts | Sep 09, 2019–Sep 12, 2019

Visit booth #601 at Biotech Week Boston to learn about our extensive custom media development capabilities and discover how our media products and cell culture expertise have been helping customers from development to commercialization for over 45 years.

Join FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific at the stunning Westin Waterfront Boston Hotel for our third annual Biotech Week Boston 2019 networking event. Discuss the latest trends in cell culture with fellow scientists and industry experts, while enjoying delicious New England cuisine, cocktails, and music.


FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific will be participating in the following technology workshops:

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 11:50 AM–12:20 PM
Room 210B
Enhanced Galactosylation for Improved Product Quality & Efficacy
Kevin Tan, PhD, Senior Scientist at FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific

The production of therapeutic antibodies requires high titers and excellent product quality to ensure efficient manufacturing and potent drug efficacy. The N-glycan profile, especially galactosylation, is a critical quality aspect that can alter antibody binding and function. FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific will discuss methods to improve antibody galactosylation and increase efficacy.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 11:45 AM–12:15 PM
Room 205C
Exploring Manufacturing Platforms and Ancillary Materials to Address Cell and Gene Therapy Product Needs
Stefano Baila, PhD, Director of Operations, Anemocyte

Cell and gene therapy products require a robust process development addressing “manufacturability” and “sustainability”, balancing: critical quality attributes, CoGs, needle-to-needle logistic and scale.

As a Biotech Manufacturing Organization (BMO), we proactively look on how to address the industry bottlenecks. Here among the different parameters we present the impact of culture media (e.g. PRIME-XV T Cell CDM,(91154-1L) FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific) and manufacturing platforms.

Products on Display:

Conference Location:
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC)