Biotech Week Boston 2018

Boston, Massachusetts USA | Sep 04, 2018–Sep 08, 2018

Visit booth #715 at Biotech Week Boston 2018 to learn about our extensive custom media development capabilities and discover some of the latest products within the expanding PRIME-XV® portfolio of cGMP media aimed to support the large-scale expansion of stem and primary cells.

Irvine Scientific, a Fujifilm company, is celebrating change and innovation at this year’s Biotech Week in Boston—and you’re invited!

Socialize with fellow industry experts over cocktails and delicious New England food perched 52 floors above the Boston skyline at the stunning Top of the Hub Restaurant.

Join us for an exciting evening and discover why Irvine Scientific is your partner for Life.Support!


Irvine Scientific will be participating in the following technology workshops:

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 11:45 AM–12:15 PM
Importance of Using Serum-free Media in Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Applications
Vanda Lopes, PhD, Senior Scientist at Irvine Scientific

Cell therapy and regenerative medicine are growing areas that focus on the application of cells as the therapeutic product. It is critical for success that enough cell numbers with consistent clinical quality are generated. While in other fields cell culture is a part of an overall process to generate a therapeutic product, in cell therapy it is the actual manufacturing process. Cell culture is a process that involves a large number of tightly linked variables, such as cell quality and culture media.

The removal of undefined components becomes critical when one moves towards creating a consistent manufacturing method and cell product. In this discussion, we will address the importance of using serum-free media in cell therapy, and how media performance is impacted by the overall cell culture process. We will also introduce a few of our available products that target several cell types (HSC, T Cell, NK cells) and can help to address some of the challenges of translational cell applications.

Thursday, September 6, 2018 12:05–12:35 PM
Custom Media Development to Maximize Your Cells’ Potential
Tom Fletcher, PhD, Scientific Director at Irvine Scientific

The production of therapeutic biologics requires high titers and excellent product quality to ensure efficient manufacturing and potent drug efficacy. Irvine Scientific is capable of maximizing a cell line’s potential and improving antibody product quality through our custom Media Development and Optimization program.

Media development begins with a Media Survey Panel to improve cell growth and titer and then focuses on improving product quality through our analytics and optimization processes. The N-glycan profile is a critical quality aspect that can alter antibody binding and function.

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Hynes Convention Center