How does the performance of PRIME-XV® T Cell CDM compare to other commercially available media?


Please see the data in this product insert. PRIME-XV T Cell CDM was designed to perform without the addition of serum. The addition of human AB serum can affect the T cell phenotype due to lot to lot variability of human AB serum which could potentially inhibit the desired phenotype. Different serum types and lots will impact monocytes, thus the effecting the populations of expanded cells. While one lot can perform well for one cell type, it may be a poor performed for others. A CDM avoids such variations between lots, and will perform consistently for the desired cell type.

Optimal cell culture performance requires the cells, the media, and the process all work together closely in harmony. Irrespective of the end-use application, changes to any one of these aspects can significantly impact the culture and ultimately result in compromised performance. Optimization of the protocol is highly encouraged to achieve optimal culture performance with our media. Please refer to our blog post, Cell, Media and Process - The Three Musketeers of Cell Culture for more information.