Media Development Services

In addition to our PRIME-XV cell therapy products, we offer a customized Media Development and Optimization (MDO) program designed to meet unique customer-specific requirements.  There are currently two levels of development services within our custom development portfolio: 1. Full Service media Development and 2. The popular Express Media Service. Each MDO project begins with extensive communication between our expert team of scientists and each customer.  Our ultimate goal is to offer a flexible and expedited service for our customers' media development process.

Full-Service Media Development

By conducting the entire media development project in our laboratories, we are able to deliver the most improvement in the shortest amount of time. Once we receive the primary or stem cells, we will perform all of the research necessary to discover the optimal media for our customers' process. Beginning with either a customer-owned formula or with our own proprietary media, we will develop growth or differentiation media designed explicitly to meet each customer's specific process requirements such as serum-free, xeno-free, animal-component-free, growth rate, differentiation efficiencies, etc.

Remote Development, Managed by FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific

Even if a customer is unable to transfer cells to us, we can help them achieve the media they need by conducting a remote project in which we provide both the instructions and the materials necessary for to perform the cell culture experiments in their own laboratory. Although this approach requires a little more time for material transfers and communications, it provides each customer with the same valuable, scientific guidance of our experienced staff.

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