Why does FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific provide sperm washing media without antibiotics when all the other companies do?


The addition of antibiotics to sperm washing media is at the discretion of the end user. Please reference your own clinic’s protocols when adding antibiotics. For additional details, each laboratory should consult its own laboratory procedures and protocols which have been specifically developed and optimized for your individual medical program. Please reference table below for a complete list of sperm processing products and gentamicin content.

Product Catalog # Gentamicin (Yes/No)
Sperm Washing Medium 9983 No
Freezing Medium - TYB with Glycerol & Gentamicin 90128 Yes
Refrigeration Medium - TYB with Gentamicin 90129 Yes
Multipurpose Handling Medium (MHM) with Gentamicin 90163 Yes
Multipurpose Handling Medium - Complete 90166 Yes
ISolate Kit 99264 No
ISolate Stock Solution 99275 No
ISolate Concentrate 99306 No