ECM® / P-1® — What is the advantage of using the Early Cleavage Medium® (ECM®) over the Complete P-1®?


There is not necessarily an advantage of ECM® over P-1®. ECM® is our most recent formulation for pre-implantation embryos (cultured to D3 after fertilization), which has 3 additional components that are not present in P-1®, namely: glucose (0.5 mM), alanyl-glutamine (0.5 mM), and EDTA (10uM). P-1® does not have glucose or EDTA, and contains only 1 amino acid — Taurine (0.05 mM). ECM® also contains Taurine at the same concentration. We developed ECM® as an alternative to P-1® for those customers who preferred to have glucose in their first stage medium.