Cryopreservation is preserving supernumerary embryos at sub-zero temperatures for use in subsequent treatment cycles. The long term storage of precious reproductive material provides opportunities to preserve reproductive potential for the future.

Vitrification is an ultra‐rapid cryopreservation technique that provides excellent survivability by using optimal concentrations of cryoprotectants used in a step‐wise process supporting rapid dehydration of the oocyte. The dehydrated oocyte is loaded into a thin storage device that will facilitate ultra‐rapid cooling of the oocyte when plunged into liquid nitrogen — eliminating concerns of damaging ice‐crystal formation associated with traditional slow‐freezing procedures. Thaw solutions are formulated to support rehydration through the rapid warming process that follows vitrification to optimize cellular survival.

Irvine Scientific’s vitrification system is being used in hundreds of clinics worldwide to support robust cryopreservation programs that are delivering babies every day. These solutions support implantation and pregnancy rates comparable to those of fresh cycles.

Successful embryo cryopreservation is an important step for IVF laboratories to maximize a patient's IVF cycle. Irvine Scientific provides cryopreservation media for conventional slow-freezing and thawing of cleavage and blastocyst stage embryos.

Our preservation media for human sperm produces the maximum survival of sperm, including yolk-based TYB for freezing or refrigeration, which is only offered by FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific.