Assisted Reproductive Technology

The human embryo is the most fragile stage of life. At Irvine Scientific, we recognize the critical role our reproductive media products play in helping to foster life at this highly vulnerable phase of development. Accordingly, we have built our company on the principle of providing the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) market with media of the highest quality, consistency and reliability in the industry. Through strict control of manufacturing processes, testing procedures and quality control programs, we have met and exceeded our clients’ expectations every day since we began serving the ART community in 1986. Our commitment to innovation and quality helps us build on our legacy of firsts, bringing our customers new products that are carefully designed and optimized to deliver best results each and every time.

At a Glance

Optimization of Sperm Culture Conditions for Human ART

Learn how a dual-buffer handling medium delivers improved sperm performance at room temperature environment.

Vitrification Videos

Get tips and tricks through our new animated vitrification protocols!

Cryolock® - Blue

Featured Product

Learn more about Cryolock – the versatile, simple and efficient vitrification device.

Tips for Handling Abnormal Sperm

Preparing sperm for IUI, IVF, or ICSI can encounter a variety of complications. Read our series of tips using ISolate and MHM.